Organisational Structure | Functions

The KZNGBB continues to ensure the suitability of all applicants through conducting probity investigations, as well as through the processing of renewal of licences and registration certificates. As a result of the new licensing initiatives (Totalisator agents and Bingo roll out), there has been a significant increase in work load.

In order to ensure that service delivery is not negatively affected, an assessment of resources within the Licensing and Registration Department is in progress and a business reengineering process project is planned for the next financial year to automate and streamline operational processes. The Entity continues to ensure the efficient and effective monitoring, compliance and control of the Gaming and Betting Industry through the Monitoring and Compliance Division.

Compliance and monitoring audits are conducted on all licensees to ensure compliance by licensees with regulatory and legislative requirements (licence conditions, bid commitments, corporate social investment, employment equity, BBBEE, accounting and internal control procedures, gaming equipment, LPM sites etc.) in respect of their gambling operations. Monthly tax validations are undertaken to ensure the accurate collection of gaming and betting taxes payable to the Province.

In the next financial year, the Board plans to further focus on CSI and Socio-Economic Development guidelines for the industry. The Board had over the past financial reporting period, reviewed its strategy and policies, post the merge of the erstwhile KZN Gambling Board and the KZN Bookmakers Control Committee.

Specific focus has been given to institutional alignment which includes initiatives such as reviewing business processes and improving on financial controls and the reporting of financial information. The continued implementation of the Provincial Recovery Plan remains a key objective. The Board has continued to fulfill its mandate through its strategic objectives and the 2013/14 financial year saw an improvement in overall performance. 87% of planned performance targets were achieved, and the Board received an unqualified audit opinion for the 2013/14 financial period.

Organisational Structure

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Business Units

Programme1: Administration
This programme is responsible for providing strategic and administrative management through the Office of the CEO and various support functions to the KZNGBB through five sub-programmes, namely Office of the CEO; Governance, Risk and Compliance(GRC), Legal Services, Human Resources and Communications.

Programme 2: Finance
This programme is responsible for supporting the entity through the provision of financial financial administration, asset management and procurement services.

Programme 3: Information and Communication Technology
This programme is responsible for supporting the organisation through the provision of ICT and knowledge management services to the entity.

Programme 4: Licensing and Registration
This programme consists of two units, namely Gaming and Betting.

This programme is responsible for receiving, investigating and preparing licences and registration certificates for all applications to ensure the suitability and continuous suitability of all applicants in the gaming and betting industry, and rolling out of new gaming and betting initiatives.

Programme 5: Gaming Monitoring and Control
This programme consists of two units, namely Monitoring and Gaming Audit; and Gaming Control.

This programme is responsible for monitoring gaming activities in the Province, auditing revenue collection for the Province and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

Programme 6: Betting Monitoring and Control
This programme’s functions are split, namely Betting Monitoring and Control abd Illegal Gambling.

The programme is responsible for monitoring betting activities in the Province, verifying revenue collecting for the Province; and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, and initiating steps to eradicate illegal gambling in the Province.