Oriented Goals

In developing the strategic objectives of the Board, cognisance was taken of the Board’s mandate as contained in the KZN Gaming and Betting Act No 08 of 2010 and the strategic outcome oriented goals of the Province in respect of the New Growth Plan. The following strategic objectives of the Board were identified:

Strategic Objective 1: To ensure gambling revenue collection for the Provincial Government

Strategic Objective 2: To promote socio economic development, employment and tourism in the Province

Strategic Objective 3: To pro-actively contribute to policy making relating to gaming within the Province

Strategic Objective 4: To regulate the gambling industry to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements

Strategic Objective 5: To promote compliance by gambling industry and limit potential negative impact of industry on society

Strategic Objective 6: To transform the industry with specific focus on the horse racing and betting sector

Strategic Objective 7: To have an effective and efficient administration function