Monitoring and Compliance Division

The Division supports the Board in its achievement of the extensive mandate set out in Section 7 of the Act which is essentially to regulate and control gambling activities in the Province.

Regulation entails that all matters connected with casino, bingo, gaming machines, bookmaking and betting activities must be monitored by the Board through its employees. In addition, the Division assists the Board with investigations into improper conduct on the part of licensed persons as well as reports of illegal gambling or betting in the Province.

These monitoring activities include:

  • Evaluation of gaming machine and equipment compliance with standards
  • Evaluation of security and surveillance systems compliance with standards
  • Evaluation of gaming procedures compliance with standards
  • Evaluation of premises and amendments to premises for compliance with standards
  • Evaluations of internal controls and amendments to internal controls for compliance with the Board’s minimum standards.
  • Evaluation of applications to amend existing operator licence conditions and systems for compliance with standards
  • Monitoring and evaluation of licensed operators for compliance with licence conditions

As the Board is involved in an economic sector, it has an extended responsibility to ensure compliance, conduct investigations and issue offence notice under the
Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001, in so far as it applied to the gambling industry. This involves the conduct of FICA Audits.

The number of activities referred to above that require to be monitored, makes this an extensive task if one has reference to the number of licences granted in the
Province and reported under the Licensing and Registration Division.

Annually the Division set targets for its monitoring and law enforcement activities and this year, again, these have been met.

You may report illegal gambling through using one of the following methods:

Toll Free number: 080 112 2568

Email address:

Fax number: 0800 00 77 88

Postal Address:
KZN 134
Umhlanga Rocks